Jen (jen0va99) wrote in trine_scans,

#41: Multi-Chap: FAIRY GONE GARDEN ch1 [HENTAI]

Keita Saiki! Gorgeous artwork and hentai with a story... and you can guess what from the summary. This particular type I'm really grossed out by, to be honest, but I just love this guy's work so much (it's sad, all the genitalia is completely whited out due to the magazine's censorship... Saiki's got lovely genny drawing skills). ENOUGH TALK. Two-part story, second chapter to come shortly.

Click the pic for downloads and info.

Anyone wanna commission me for translations? I need money D:
Tags: !releases, 1. type: hentai, 2. length: multi-chapter, 3. genre: drama, 4. pair: couple, 4. pair: m/f, 5. warning: incest, 7. author: saiki keita
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