Jen (jen0va99) wrote in trine_scans,

Re-release Festa!!

Not really a festa. I think you need more going on for a festa? Oh well. Re-releasing a couple things; Boy x Angel has some stuff fixed thanks to eXtreme's eye, while Sanzen Sekai needed... everything redone. Totally retranslated. The story makes sense now!

Boy x Angel ver.2 - by Kuromame

Sanzen Sekai no Karasu wo Koroshi ver.2 - by Keita Saiki

Anybody have Kinniku Otoko v.5? I really, really need HQ (flattened) scans of Saiki's story "Kumo no Su no Ame". <3
Tags: !releases, 1. type: yaoi, 2. length: oneshot, 3. genre: comedy, 3. genre: drama, 3. genre: smut, 4. pair: couple, 4. pair: m/m, 5. warning: crossdressing, 7. author: saiki keita
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Kinniku Otoko Volume 01-09 here. I don't know if the scans are HQ, though :\ Hope it helps!
Unfortunately those are the same ones I have... damn. Ah well. Thanks anyway!
Thanks for the (near-) festa!! ;)