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#39: Multi-Chap: Notpia ch8 [YAOI]

I guess today is a good day for some yaoi with relatively tame guro.

Click the pic for downloads and info.

My pig dissection in Bio wasn't so eventful... and certainly wasn't as bloody. (The pig had skin like a hot dog, no lie.)
Tags: !releases, 1. type: yaoi, 2. length: multi-chapter, 3. genre: drama, 3. genre: horror, 4. pair: couple, 4. pair: m/m, 5. warning: guro, 7. author: osada not, 8. title: notpia
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Thank you for the new chapter!

Does the pig smell? ^^ I can't believe your Bio class would let you do dissection of an animal, cause I know I didn't when I took Bio. I only did frogs and lobster I think, not sure. It wasn't until Ana. & Phys. class that I actually dissect a cat (smell horrible) and we had that same cat for a few weeks cause I have to know everything of that cat. Not fun.
Actually it smelled like formaldehyde or whatever preserving agent they used. It didn't make me want to vomit or anything. I was surprised, too, but my college has a pretty good science department. We dissected a few things in the lab. Cow's eyeball smelled a bit. The sheep's brain was kinda bad because it looked like it was in and out of the agent a lot (meninges were torn and the brain was a bit soft).

Ohhh, I am not looking forward to my cat dissection (that's a couple semesters away). I'm SUCH a cat person. How did you guys keep the cat for so long? My pig's organs were getting all shriveled in just the two hours we had it out, I can't imaging having one preserved for so long.
You're in college? I thought you're talking about high school. ^^;

Anyway, I didn't dissect anything in my regular Biology class only until this past Spring that I have to dissect frog ( my lab partner did, I didn't cause it was alive to test the nerve functions and reflexes). The cat dissection happened in high school in Anat. & Phys. lab and we didn't really do anything to it except keeping it in the freezer (our teacher's freezer).

We started to notice that after a few weeks the cat started to rot and not only that you can see the juices coming out of it and it was really slimy and smelled really bad. We were so thankful that we don't have to do anything to the cat after that.
Ha ha, no, I'm in my late 20s, so... no HS for me. The most we dissected in my HS bio was an owl turd (which was interesting). And we did experiments with pill bugs.
Lol oh gosh, that was an interesting experiment. ^_^
woow! Thank you so much!!!
thank you :)
Thank you very much for the new release. :X

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Do you have the raw scans for this manga, and if so, can you send them to me?